I am the Invisible Man!!

I am the Invisible Man!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dreams and other things!!

The other day, Sunday to be precise, I only slept for about 3 hours. So, I'm not quite sure how far into a dream cycle I got, but I do remember something very unique and a first for me in terms of dreams I have had. First off let me start by telling you that I rarely remember my dreams, and if I do remember something, it's usually only certain specifics. Secondly, a lot of my dreams are reoccurring, and when they do occur again, they usually follow the same pattern with only subtle variations.

Anyways on to this most recent and bizarre dream. I had a dream that not only was I married, but that I had a daughter. Now, I've always envisioned myself as having kids, and I've even day-dreamed about what my future kid may be like. I usually see myself having a son, but deep down I would prefer to have a girl. But, I've never had a solid vision of a child or any particular idea of what they might look like. In my dream, which I vaguely remember taking place in a multi-story parking garage, something inevitably happens that draws my daughter away from me. The only part of my dream that I really truly remember well, is when we're finally reunited, I take her face in my hands and tell her how much I love her and how important she is to me. I remember that she looked as if she were in the 7 to 10 age range and she had shoulder length auburn hair. The only reason I can remember what my wife in the dream looked like is because our daughter fairly resembled her.

I normally don't get emotional over dreams regardless of what they might entail, but this one I literally stayed in bed for a few additional minutes pondering about the different possible meanings of such a dream. I was almost stunned from the general idea of me having a child. As I said, I've always seen myself one day having a kid or two, but never have I had such a vivid experience that made it seem like this desire was in any way at all possible. The worst part about this is that even though I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fall back asleep.

So, what else would I do with a lazy Sunday since I couldn't sleep? I decided it was an opportune time to go see a movie that had just come out that I had been waiting to see, Legion, with Paul Bettany. The basic premise of the movie is that a rogue angel, played by Paul Bettany, comes down from heaven to fend of hordes of angels coming to kill the last chance humanity has in the form of a unborn baby. Now the majority of acting in this movie is pretty bad. Dennis Quaid, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson and Adrianne Palicki are mediocre at best and at worst are outstandingly horrible. However, Bettany not only made the movie worth watching, he re-enforced some of my beliefs oddly enough. Due to the sub par acting by most of the cast, I wouldn't necessarily recommend seeing this film, but if you were already interested in it, the action sequences and Bettany are more than enough for a reduced priced seating offered by most AMC Star theaters in the SE Michigan area before 6 P.M., Monday through Thursday.

As usual I'll end with hopes that everything is going well in your lives, and that 2010 is everything you expected it to be. If it's not, 2011 is only 340 days away!!

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  1. http://split-screen.blogspot.com/

    I found this blog this morning, I think you would have some interest in it.

    I left you a comment on this before, but I realized that I left the screen before entering the word verification so my comment never saved. Anyways, I thought that this dream would make an interesting story.


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